"No Link"

I am new to the forums, so be easy on me:).
Anyways we have been using canopy for 5 years now and increasingly I have been having customers call me abnd say they cannot get online, when i look on the tower I am seeing the client radio as saying “no Link” I then reboot the radio at their end remotely and voila it comes up, I have tried changing the handshake speed to 10 MB to see if that helps as I have noticed some Intel chipset laptops have issues with handshaking at 100 MB…but this did not work. The software version on this particular one is 8.2, it happens on most version from what I recall (9.0 etc…)
Any ideas or expieriences that are similar to this and what did you do?

8.x was very flaky with ethernet and NAT issues. First recommendation would be to get yourself on the latest firmware (currently 9.4.2) and see if the problems don’t go away.

8.2.7 was the most stable 8.x firmware for me, but I’ve had much better luck with 9.x.

wifiguy is correct, 8.x had it’s share of issues with ethernet lockups etc. When you do upgrade, make sure you follow the upgrade path stated in the newest versions release notes.

Upgrade your radio or replace your AP.

Upgrading to 9 was the fix…thanks all for the help:)