No luck using Mitel IP phone 5320e in e400 office

Hi all, first post. As above, trying to use one of our office IP phones, Mitel MiVoice 5320e, over a WiFi Client Bridge (IOGear) and PoE injector. Phone powers up, goes through LDAP and then sits waiting for DHCP response until it times out. Tested Client Bridge with success on several other devices (in fact using right now).

I just thought I'd put this out there in case others have already figured this out and if a setting needs to be made in the e400 via Maestro etc.


We have had some trouble when Proxy ARP is enabled. Try disabling this on the WLAN and see if it helps.

Any idea from logs whether the DHCP request is making it to the server and the response might be the issue? COuld you please try a packet capture on either the WLAN or on the ETH1 interface of the AP (from the AP GUI or cnMaestro, under troubleshooting).

Another quick test might be to see if turning off Unicast-DHCP in the WLAN configuration helps.

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Further to this one, was able to get the collective Mitel -> Client Bridge -> AP -> Router to work first time on cnPilot R201P unit, and also on low-cost DLink Router/AP. Will circle back to e400 system shortly.

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How many phones are you looking to connect with cnPilot? do you have a high level diagram of the installation?

This is just a one-off to avoid pulling cables through what I gather is an impossible route. It has been resolved for the task at hand, but admittedly the multi e400 system didn't cooperate. This may simply be a shortcoming of the IOGear device to deal with multiple APs with the same SSIDs.