No S/N on 300-16

In WEB and CNMaestro i don’t have S/N on “5 GHz Force 300-16 Radio (ROW/ETSI)”

Know issue in this version of software.

how can i fix it? What software is correct?
I have the same problem with 1000

It is fixed in the current 4.6.1 beta release:

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Thank you! Now we wait not beta release)

Just so you know, the latest 4.6.1-RC26 (also known as Beta 2) which was released yesterday, is under Cambium’s new method of releases.

So - they basically believe this is a final/good release - and that all known/reported issues have been fixed and tested. Under their old release methods, this would have been released yesterday as 4.6.1 official release.

What Cambium has decided to do from now on, is to put that “we think this is good to go” release up for an extra 14 days, beyond when they previously would have released it. And then in 14 days, they’ll re-label this same software as the Official Release.

So yes - lots of us avoid beta firmware in production, but this extra step means that the final Release Candidate is more like a GAMMA release (if such a thing existed) than a normal Beta release. :wink: IMHO, if I was Cambium, I’d remove the term ‘beta’ from it at this stage (when they believe it to be release ready) and I’d just call it something like ‘Release Candidate Final’ or words to that effect
If you think about it, it is the stage where most of us should try it, right? I mean - if none of us do, then it’ll be relabeled as-in the official release on June 3rd anyway with nothing learned… so no more or less risk to try it now, than to try it then. :slight_smile: