NO SMs in cnMaestro


We have a cnMaestro on premesis and We can not adopt the SMs to cnMaestro because We have not IP address set in SMs, We are working like mode proxy, so in this case We only can adopt APs. When We could adopt SMs in cnMaestro without set ip address to SMs?

Thank you. 

It should be possible to onboard PMP SMs in NAT mode using Zero Touch onboarding or DHCP Options 43 or 15.  Some of the main requirements are that port 443 is open in the firewall and routes are established or communication.  For SMs in NAT mode Remove Management should be enabled with standalone configuration and DNS settings.

Full details of the requirements and procedures can be found in the PMP 450x User Guide in the Configuring cnMaestro Connectivity section on page 7-242.

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FYI In the latest releases 15.1.2 or above on-boarding of NAT SM's with Remote management as WAN is also supported.

NOTE: I recommend to latest releases 15.1.5 or 15.2 ( these have all the bugs fixed).

Note, if you are managing the SMs via the "AP Proxy" feature, cnMaestro is not currently supported.  cnMaestro does require the SM do have an IP address.

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Do you Know when will be supported for adopt the SMs to cnMaestro via the "AP Proxy" feature?