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Its all about the antennas more than the radios. Cylcone’s stuff is nice and high quality, but the antennas is where you will want to check out for distance.

What kind of distance are you looking to get out of it?

What kind of terrain? Tree density?

900 5 miles through flat land thats very wooded. probably not gonna happen. trust me. i live on the eastern shore of MD. very flat, very rural, and very dense tree coverage. were lucky to get 3.5-4 miles. never have gotten 5 before.

What is the noise floor like in the area? Pick up a M2 17dBi yagi and a Hyperlink 15dBi grid and do some site surveying.

mikehodges wrote:
the noise is'nt to bad, some frec hopping scada traffic but that will go away once we deploy

Don't bet on it.