Hi All,
I have an AP which is not receiving SYNC, what is the likely cause and what might be the solutions?
Do anyone experienced such problems with their AP’s?
solutions needed please

This is an AP that previously had sync? Is this a CMM or CMM micro?

Possibly loose/bad connector, bad cable, bad solder joints on RJ11 or RJ45?

Hello Jerry,
This AP has never received sync or registered any SM on it, there are 6 AP’s on the CMM Micro. I have checked the cabling from the CMMM but it is correct, it really dont know it’s solution, i have rebooted the AP but no use. I guess it an AP failure.
I guess i’ll just have to change the AP.
Thanks in advance for your solutions

You can put RJ11 cable from the CMM into the RJ11 port of the AP and set the sync to the timing port. Before that you should check the cables, connectors, and the board of the AP.

erkan, CMMmicro has no RJ11 ports like the older CMM - only RJ45’s. The sync is carried on the DC power.

blink, try resetting the power port to the AP rather than rebooting - can be done from the CMM config page. If no luck, try power cycling the CMM.


Yes it has RJ11 female port. It’s left from the reset do defaults switch.

That port has sync on it? Good to know.

My mistake!

Hi Erkan,
I had wanted to try out the solutions proposed but i want to know the procedure or steps, is it that i will put the RJ 11 plug while the AP is on and reset the port or put it off and put the RJ 11 and reset the port.
I asked because i dont want to make mistake.
Please can you give or tell me the correct way to follow.
Thanks in advance

Put the cable, set the canopy to recive sync via timing port, reboot the AP and it should start working.

Hello Erkan,
The other time i had a problem with my AP not receiving Sync, you gave me the method to follow but i did and it didn’t work . I’ll like to know what is the color code of the cable, i used 1,2,3 and 6 combination. is this correct?
i really need you assistance

you can make a straight through cable using 1,2,3,4,5,6

also make sure you have the AP configured correctly

Hi Erkan,
The RJ 11 have just four spaces, it wont contain 6 spaces.

Hi Erkan,
The RJ 11 has just space for 4 pins and can’t contain the 6 pins of the cable.
Thanks in advance

u need 6 pin connectors

u can usually pick those ends up at like radio shack or another electronics store

Just to add, we had an AP which would just not pick syncy via power, from CMM micro, so had to put a sync cable from Cmm micro to the AP. and it worked.

Just check on the AP page if it says receiving sync or no sync.