No Transmit due to DFS

I’ve installed a pair of Cambium PTP550, in order to connect two locations.
The problem is that they are frequently disconnecting, due to DFS detecting a radar aid=1 disassociated. Reason: 35 (STA HAS DETECTED RADAR (ETSI)) and then aid=1 disassociated. Reason: 48 (COMMUNICATION LOST)
My question is, how do I disable DFS channels? On the Configuration/Radio, only DFS channels are available. I don’t care about bandwidth, even 70Mbps is enough for our use case, I just want reliability and to stop this STA has detected radar situation.
This are the bridge specs:

Hardware Version
5 GHz PTP 550 Integrated Radio

Unit MSN

Firmware Version
U-Boot IPQ806x 2012.08.1g2cc928e (Feb 08 2021 - 10:48:55)

Software Version

Software Version (Active Bank)

Software Version (Inactive Bank)

Device-Agent Version

NTP Status
NTP Disabled

Date and Time
14 Feb 2021, 19:05:34 GMT

System Uptime
6 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes, 23 seconds

Wireless MAC Address

Ethernet MAC Address

Auxiliary Port MAC Address

Sync Source Status
Internal (No Sync)

Contains FCC ID(s):

Read-Only Users

Read-Write Users

GUI User Authentication
Device Local Only

Factory Reset Via Power Sequence

cnMaestro Connection Status
Cambium-ID Not Configured

cnMaestro Account ID

DFS may be a requirement in your regulatory domain regardless of frequency. False DFS hits are commonly caused by noise on the same channel or reflective surfaces near the radio that is suffering the DFS hits. If the radios are close to the roof line or a wall, you might try getting them further from the surface to see if that improves things.

Hello Night Rider,

Just choose frequencies that don’t use DFS and this problem will stop.


but Night Rider said:

So, unless @NightRider has the country code misconfigured – perhaps selecting the correct country code would open up more (non-DFS) channels? Or unless a later firmware upgrade can help?