Noise issue

Is there a way to deal with noise issue on 2.4 ? Some configuration change to test.

I’m trying a link on lab and just adding a Mikrotik link configured at 2 of wirless power output on far most channel (ePMP on 2412 and Mikrotik on 2462) with CSMA disable and only a ping as transfer make the ePMP link completly disconnect O.o

On a clean channel, the radio seem awsome with bandwith test between 70 and 100 Mb/s on a 20 Mhz channel but as soon as the’re noise, it don’t seem better than Ubnt gear, at less, when it connect to the AP.

Firmware use is 2.2. AP is a GPS radio without antenna (for lab test and was worst with cambium secto) and a integrated radio CPE.

Have you tried running a spectrum analysis to check the noise and interference level on 2412 MHz? If the channel is clean and the Mikrotik configured for 2462 MHz is indeed not interfering with 2412 (due to out of band emissions), then this is unexpected behavior. Performance of ePMP under noise has proven to be better than competing gear. Please contact our support team @ so an engineer can troubleshoot this for you.