Noise mitigation

I am VERY impressed with performance of this device. Im just wanting to know a couple of things, with fairly low gain antennas and a wide beam what does the medusa use to mitigate noise coming form 10 000 other devices in the same area to allow it to perform so well. Also will uplink beam forming be a part of the future firmwares. What noise levels will be too high for the medusa to operate -65db noise levels  ? when runnin a scan almost through out the entire 5 Ghz band it was around -60 -70.

My plan is to massively deploy the medusa but i have tried a few channels that have tested ok through other means of spectrum analysis. However the medusa was brought to its knees, it could have been a glitch.

Lastly what degrees is each 'pizza slice' if there were 7 slices of the beam coming from the antenna as my fear is that i deploy it to far away from a dense area and all the clients fall into one slice of the pizza rendering mu-mimo ineffective. So far i love the device and its performance especially in a 40 mhz channel.  

Hi russ007,

Thank you for the feedback, glad you are liking the 450m so far.

The current software does support beamforming in both down and uplink directions to individual VCs. MU-MIMO is currently only downlink but will support uplink in the next major release (beta coming soon !).

This next release will also feature several improvements on UL beamforming for noise mitigation for all bandwidths but 30&40MHz should see a big improvement. So it may be worth retrying if you previously had problems.

I don't have the SNR numbers off the top of my head but the linkplanner tool (free !) should be able to give you an idea of expected performance.

The beams need around 7-8 degrees separation between VCs to be able to form groups, again linkplanner should help you model this to see potential MU-MIMO gains depending on the placement of the AP. We are working on ways to reduce this minimum separation requirement in the future - actually there are lots of great things coming for this platform to improve sector throughput so it's only going to get better  !

Also if your 5GHz band is noisy the 3GHz Medusa should also be available very soon.

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