Nomadic Mode / Rapid Re-ranging for PMP450?

What is the intended use-case for nomadic mode / rapid re-ranging on PMP450?

It was mentioned in the WISPAmerica presentation, but I haven’t heard any other details.


Cambium is introducing this feature so you can get internet in your camper van! :laughing:



A 450 SM (or AP) moving slowly and keep session alive. There are various use cases, such as camper vans (:slight_smile:), cruise ships docking into port, mining/agricultural carts, shipping yard cranes.

Do you have any use cases for it?

More details to come later in the summer.

I do have potential use cases for it, actually, but none of the SMs in CBRS or in 5 GHz are really conducive to mobile deployments (Except possibly the 450b connectorized that isn’t yet available). That is why I was asking about the intended use case… to see what the expectations are.

Also, you mention moving slowly; will this not be able to support actual mobility like in a moving vehicle with LTE? My use cases include typical mobility in a small area, so I am debating about CBRS LTE at this time for this purpose. If Cambium is about to offer real mobility with 450, that would certainly influence my decision making process.

Right out of the gate you’re not going to be able to use any of Cambium’s CBRS radios (450 or LTE) for nomadic or mobile use due to them all being class B devices.

This PMP450 feature is more for, example… you have a boat that’s docked, and it’s gently bobbing up and down and swaying a bit… the radio will have an easier time staying connected. Another example would be you’re a first responder in a camp, and the radio gets periodically moved around due to shifting conditions.

On the cnRanger side of things… there’s no mobility options ATM… although there was some talk about possibly introducing that if enough people ask for it… but ATM, cnRanger is very much a fixed wireless product and has been designed for that use case.

I do recognize that Cambium does not have mobile products right now, so when I’m considering 450 or LTE, I mean LTE from another standards compliant vendor. Also, that was part of the motivation of my question - what is the intended use case if there aren’t mobile SMs? Are we expecting mobile SMs?

If you have a boat that is docked and moves a bit, then you need an SM with low enough gain to have some flexibility with aiming. I suppose the 450 retro might accomplish that in 5 GHz, but still needs general aim so the boat cannot be reversed, and won’t work with a mooring. It feels like a very limited use case but perhaps I’m being short sighted.

It is an interesting idea, I look forward to seeing what other components are expected to make this a usable new feature.

Right since CBRS requires location specific information, nomadic mode not supported with CBRS, unfortunately.

Actually we have shown in testing to get much better mobility than these examples. We actually have session staying stable while moving in car. However, getting it to work on a single SM and many SMs is… complicated. :slight_smile:

The reality is it depends on many factors and the feature is presently under development right now. The more SMs you have the harder it is. Also of course the faster you move the harder it is. And then we add interference. But to be clear we will not support 70 mph with handoffs. :slight_smile: But I am hopeful that the speed of the SM will be suitable for most all non highway speeds. In fact if you have a use case, would you be interested in helping test an Alpha load when it is ready? We hope to have it ready in about a month (but depends on how development goes).

Note, this is finally through it’s hardware and manufacturing challenges and is now shipping. So hopefully you should be a able to get your hands on some 5 GHz 450b Connectorized.

So about this… what about using the MicroPoP Omni as a SM? It has built in GPS which we have enabled in SM mode. Also it’s built in omni antenna should take the aiming out of it. In release 21 we have enabled the support for the GPS location information when in SM mode on MicroPoP.

Now I still don’t know your use case exactly, but I am hopeful 450 nomadic mode will be able to meet it.


I would consider this.

In general, the 2x2 Omni antennas really make more sense if inverted when used for SMs. They tend to be designed to aim slightly downward (The 450u omni below appears to have about 2 degrees downtilt with some amount of null fill) and attempts to avoid upward or limit horizontal signal to help prevent interference with other antennas. The 450u omni would likely work very well if inverted, but I’m not sure it could handle such an outdoor installation.


I suppose further, I recognize this is still in testing and new SMs are likely in the works, but the idea of a $1000 MSRP SM for the purpose of limited mobility seems like a good reason to consider standards based LTE where a mobile SM is significantly less expensive.

Still, this is exciting.

Excellent! I will be sending you a private message (and anyone else out there) when we are ready for an Alpha for Nomadic mode. I should be in a few weeks, but I don’t like to try and predict the future. :slight_smile:

Great point… you know more here than me. So are there good connectorized 2x2 Omnis out there? The connectorized MicroPoP (if want GPS on board) or 450b could work for this (if you can get your hands on one). Else I know other customers are currently using connectorized 450i for a nomadic setup, which is easier to get currently.

I don’t set the prices, but I do know the people who do. :slight_smile: So I will ask them what the cost would be for connectorized MicroPoP that is keyed only as a SM. We’ll have to get back to you on that.

I think so too!

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