Not getting DHCP configured via CnMastro

Hi ,

I'm having 8no's of e410 and controlled by Cnmastro

created 3 vlan (v1:WanVlan , V2:Uservlan , V3:Guestvlan) from Wan vlan other vlan are natted

created 2 SSID :

1. SSID:ABC - V2 (dhcp enabled)

2.SSID:DEF- V3 (dhcp enabled)

Issue is if im trying to connect with ABC im not getting IP address and still in connecting state

I im connect with DEF im getting ip and im able to access internet

I have attached the debug log file kindly verify it





Please export configuration file from AP and share it.

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Gupta Bobby

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The issue got resolved we are reset the ap its fine . getting DHCP