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i have cn Matrix Switch synced in CnMaestro . I have 6 x E600 WLAN AP that I onboarded via CNMaestro. But then I get the message that they are not in sync. When I then go to sync, I get the following error:
Device out of sync : Configuration failed: Device timed out while waiting for update

The Devices but Online. Firmware are

What can I do ?


Hi @MarkusSavics,

Sync failure due to device timeout is typically because the device lost connectivity to cnMaestro after applying the configuration. Double-check your AP Group/WLAN settings, specifically Network settings, to ensure that the configuration is not causing connectivity loss.

Is there a 10-15 minute period where the device is offline after Sync? After a configuration sync devices will rollback configuration after 10-15 minutes if they can’t reconnect to cnMaestro. That may be why you see them as online.

Do not use 6.x.x.x on e600 !
It is not so good for “old” E series.

Hi, I have downgrade to 4.2.2 . Now it works Thanks

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happy too soon. After a while think the 15min. the devices are not in sync again, but with the message:
Device out of sync : Device’s configuration changed outside of cnMaestro

The devices are then restored to the factory settings. Then when I sync again. Then they are back in sync and the configuration of the AP Group has been adopted. But later it will probably be automatically deleted again and the devices are again not in sync and Device out of sync: Device’s configuration changed outside of cnMaestro.
The problem devices are directly connected to the ports of the CNMatrix switch. 2 E600 are attached to another switch manufacturer (i.e. not managed by the CNMaestro and they keep the APGroup configuration and always stay in sync.


When it goes OUT OF SYNC, please email tech-support.

Do u have this port with auto config procedure ?

If you Mean the Policy Based Automation under Port-config-Network this is off or gives a another Point to config this