not registering close to tower

Guys of late i have been having this problem with my installations. With customer installs close to 2 of my towers I’d get a jitter of 1-2 and a dBm of -58 to -54 and the SM just would not register.
I am using advantage 5.7 AP 7.3.6 and canopy lite SMs version 7.3.6 also.
Also on the rare chance one does register the link test are really poor.
Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to fix it?


I’ve experienced the same problem with potential customers really close to the tower - about 200m away. I think the problem is that the signal from the Canopy is directed away from the mast - not to the ground, so what you get close to the mast is weak/fluctuates.

If it makes financial sense, angle the AP downwards a bit more and see how much it helps (knowing that you lose customers farther away if the downtilt is too much) or you could use wifi to give service to those customers close to the tower.

Try lowerng the Transmitter Output Power on the SM. Do you have on theat tower another AP wich is using the same frequency?

thanks guys, i tried lowering the power but that didn’t work and no i down’ have another AP on the same tower using the same frequency.

Is this a metal water tower?