not sure what to do

:frowning: i have the motorola canopy system and no way to find out what exact epuipment i have but i have had it for a year now and after being connected to 1 tower and have connection issues for a year (not stable internet lots of drops and outages) the company i have pointed my system to another tower with no houses within close range or even long range but i still have same issues they come out again and change the client unit and antenna that was with it changed the cable from the computer to the unit as well and still have same issues random outages there are no trees within 100 yards of they unit as well and its at about 30 feet in the air and im on top of a hill and it appear to clear most of the tree tops the tower were pointing at is about 3 miles away the other tower that had alot of trees and a power transformer between me and it was about 1.3 miles away but i still cant make a solid or even a semi solid connection. i was told by one of there person that it could be railroad equipment that is about 1/2 mile away. or the cell tower that is 1.2 miles away. but the interesting part is i can have perfect internet for a few days straight then it could be in and out for a month. not sure what else to do other then drop the service and go back to dial up.

What spectrum, band, are you using.

Looks like you have interference problem, their no such thing as interference free using “License Free equipment” as per Part 15 of the FCC.
If you have access, you can do a spectrum analysis using your equipment.

Tell you service provider to switch the equipment to another band. 5.2, 5.4, or 5.8 GHz

Tough one. Can you take a picture and post the picture of the equipment on your house?

Also go to a command prompt when your connection is working and do tracert and post the results.

He doesn’t have any idea what spectrum band he is using if you read the first post.