I have 50 AP in same group config it have auto sync, but only autosync in 20 devices others imposible to sync,

if online conected to cloud, try to sync manual and it is impsible says BadRequest, i contact to camibum and no give solution it isn't seriously,

its E500 firmware all 3.2.1-r6

Can you navigate to Configure -> Configure Devices -> Jobs, click Show More on the latest job and send a screenshot?  This should give you more details on the failure reason.  The Created by field for the job will say somethink like Auto-Sync.

Yes, thanks, i try to force sync and says bad request.

Thank you for the screenshot.  Can you scroll to the top of that page, click the Jobs tab and then click the Show Devices link for the latest job with failures.  A screenshot of that will be helpful for determining the cause of the failure.

If that doesn't give us more info we can walk through getting debug logs directly from a failing device.

Shows time outs but Ap is Up and conected to cambium

Configuration failure by timeout is typically due to the new configuration causing the AP to lose connectivity to cnMaestro during the update.  The device will detect this and automatically roll back the configuration within 15-20 minutes in order to reconnect to cnMaestro.

If this is only happening for some device I recommend reviewing their User-defined overrides to see if any network settings for the device would cause it to disconnect from cnMaestro.  Click the gear icon in the right-most column in your last screenshot to view User-defined Overrides.

By default auto-set is enabled for Network settings so the AP Group configuration does not overwrite the settings already in use by the device.  If the User-defined Overrides looks correct then you'll need to take a look at the AP Group to see if there is something that might be causing the devices to disconnect (Security settings, VLAN settings, ect.)

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It is impossible all AP have internet conected to cambium, and its imposible its unusable controller,

If you invite me to your account I can examine your settings to see if there are any obvious problems.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Administrators
  2. Click Invite Cambium Support
  3. Enter jordan.stipati in the email field and click Send

I invited please check, thanks in advance!

Thanks for the invite. 

I was able to determine that the configuration is being rejected by the device with error "Config timeout".  This is different from cnMaestro failing the device by timeout.  I also reviewed the User-defined Overrides and AP Group/WLAN settings and visually compared them to a device's (AP2) exported configuration file.  They appear to be the same settings.  Are there any differences between what you are applying and what the devices are already running?

I have forwarded some debug information to some of device developers to assist with this issue and will keep you updated.

Its same than sync and others y don't understand, i'm waiting for your reply, thanks

The team is looking into this and will get back to you.

The device team looked at one of the device debug files and have said that the Ethernet 2 configuration is missing mandatory parameter Allowed VLANs.  This is required for "Trunk Multiple VLANs" ethernet mode.

Are you able to successfully push a configuration after setting Allowed VLANs for Ethernet 2?