Notebook ethernet flapping during installation


we are experiencing a random problem with this SM. We have two different notebooks with same ethernet chipset and on both computers we have random ethernet flapping when we try to connect to the SM. It happens randomly, with multiple SM. We tried in our lab with new patch cables but it happens anyway.

Anyone is experiencing the same problem? With other devices and other CPE brands the network card works flawlessly.

The network card on our notebooks is Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller; hardware ID PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&CC_0200


What data rate?  My laptop with a realtek nic flaps when it auto-negotiates gigE, but is perfectly fine at 100mbps.  Likewise, my dlink usb ethernet adapter negotiates gigE and holds it just fine.  And my issue is not specific to Cambium either.  It does seem to come and go. 

Interesting point of view. I never had issues like this before with other devices connected. I am used to connect to gigabit devices (other CPEs, switches etc) and I never had problems. By the way I can try to force 10/100mbps on my notebook ethernet card. In the meantime it would be useful Cambium investigates on this...

Realtech chipsets on laptops are god aful with windows 10 , lots of port flaps with multiple laptops with diffrent chipsets and devices conected , this is due to bad drivers that windows 10 forces on the units. My recomendation is a USB to Ethernet with a intel chipset.

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I am getting port flapping problem with epmp180 radio, getting the problem at access point end, station end is ok.  epmp180 is connected with Mikrotik router. Port is flapping between every 1hr, 2hr.We already changed adapter, CAT6 cable.