NOTICE - Need for ePMP Upgrade

On July 1, 2021 Cambium will update the certificate for to use a new Certificate Authority. All cnMaestro managed devices without the updated Root CA certificate will fail to connect to the cnMaestro Cloud service. Please see the following Field Service Bulletin (FSB) for ePMP upgrade instructions.

FSB9083 - cnMaestro Cloud Managed Devices Require Software Upgrades by June 30, 2021.pdf (378.6 KB)

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So does this mean that our ePMP 2.4Ghz gear (which we have running firmware 3.5.6) will not communicate with cnMaestro after that date?

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Any answer? Is anybody running current firmware on 2.4Ghz? And if yes how is it working out.

Yes, we have many e1k 2.4GHz radios running 4.5.6. All working fine.

Thank you for replying. Do you know if we can upgrade 3.5.6 straight to 4.5.6? Or do we need to step it up?

I think you can go straight to 4.5.6… and IIRC, you want to do the SM’s first and then the AP.

We use 4.4.3 on all of our radios. I haven’t had any luck with anything below this other than 3.5.6. But 4.4.3 seems to be where we are staying (for now). I would like some feedback on newer FW. Anyone know how 4.5.x works out for you? Correct any problems? Seeing any problems with it?

We are having no deal breakers with 4.5.6 or with 4.6BETA.
We have 14 days uptime on 4.6-RC35, with no reported issues.

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