Notifications - Device is offline retention

We have a few SMs that display in the Notifications as offline.  These customers have cancelled their service yet still are retained within cnMaestro.  For example, cnMaestro shows a customer down for 37 days.  The SM is no longer at the customer house nor associated with the AP.

How long does cnMaestro retain disconnected SMs?

Without user interation cnMaestro retains disconnected SMs indefinitely.

You can manually delete SMs from cnMaestro from the Inventory view by clicking the X icon at the far right or via the left-hand tree by clicking the three-dot button next to the device and selecting the Delete option.

Once a device is deleted cnMaestro will no longer monitor it.

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Can we set a threshold in cnmaestro to remove offline devices after 365 days?