NPS server error

I’ve seen other discussions on this type of error, usually blaming it on the Windows NPS server:

“A RADIUS message with the Code field set to 12, which is not valid, was received on port 1812 from RADIUS client Valid values of the RADIUS Code field are documented in RFC 2865.”

This message only shows up for a handful of access points, XD2s mostly, and doesn’t usually seem to break authentications. Does anyone else see this message or know how to fix it?

This is related to Radius Status-Server as documented in RFC 2865.
Status-Server is not supported by MS NPS. So this check against Servers that support this check will be answered.

The AP uses this with network-assurance to determine if the radius server is functional. If this check fails, then network-assurance will switch to a simple ping to at least report the server is available via IP.