NSE 3000 VPN Configuration Guide details

Get the details on configuring VPN servers and client configuration in the NSE 3000 VPN solution.
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NSE300_VPN_Configuration_Guide_05122022.pdf (1.2 MB)

Coming from Mikrotik… A bunch of their routers have IPSec hardware acceleration. And they took forever (over a decade) to stop using OVPN as TCP.

I was forced into using L2TP+IPSec as that’s what they did well.

After a few years… Your Rasphone file becomes really unwieldily. It takes about 2 minutes to even open the program in my windows 10 laptop. The GUI VPN in network monitor, stopped showing the VPNs I was adding a while ago… But I digress (or ramble).

Mikrotik added OpenVPN with UDP and LZO just last year.

But they also added Wireguard.

Wireguard is so much more efficient. Adding the public keys is a little tricky… But jumping between Connections is so much better.

It’s layer 3 rather than layer 2… So tunnels vs interfaces takes some getting used too…

But… When I am out and about… I turn on Wireguard on my droid. No matter what I connect to… It keeps sending my traffic back to my office, then on to the interwebz. I don’t have to keep turning it on and off everytime I change IPs of services. The packets go… They match on the other side… It keeps on working.

It’s also fast compared to other protocols.