NTP to CPE? How to...

Hi everybody, I have a problem to get the right time via NTP from CMM4 over AP to the PMP320-CPEs. I think, I did everything right. All four APs get the NTP from CMM4. But not the CPEs. I typed the right IP from CMM4 in the CPE in this format: 10.x.x.x. Is this correct, or do I need the subnetmask too?

Thanks to all who will answer.


Hi everybody, a few minutes ago, I´ve got an telephone call from the technical center of Motorola. They said, that in Bridgemode the CPE can´t get any NTP-Signal from the CMM4. It´s a bug, that will be fixed in one of the next firmware upgrades.

Thank you for the update. This is been on my list of quirks, albeit fairly low relative to other issues.