Number of significant characters in SSID?

this is not a question about the maximum length of ssid (31 or 32 chars) but about how many of the characters are used by the epmp to uniquely identify an access point.

We have 2 access points, each with a 19 character SSID but only the last 2 characters of each are different.  We found that our subscriber module could connect to either of the 2 access points.  We are using the same password for both access points. 

Is the explanation that only the first n characters are used (where n is less than 19) to connect to an access point?



Hello Ian,

Could you please provide more details about described issue with examples.

Is Ap Preferred Table configured on SM.

Both SSIDs is added to table?

Does SSID include some specific characters?

All characters should be used to identify each AP SSID on SM.

Thank you in advance.


example SSIDs would be: mycompanysnameAP-a1 and mycompanysnameAP-b2

the preferred table is populated but only with one of the SSIDs.  The subscriber module was also able to connect to the other AP, even though it was not listed in the table.



Hello Ian,

I cannot reproduce your scenario in our Lab.

Please contact me via e-mail: if you have stable reproduce in your network.

Thank you in advance.