odd amount of random reboots


 I have an alarming number of customers whos CPEs are remaining connected to cnmaestro but they arent passing much data if any at all. They all have an odd amount of reboots in their logs. The screenshot im sharing has over 250 reboots in less than 2 days but remains connected to the ap so i cant even tell theres an issue until they call me. Anyone else experience this? There has to be an easier way to fix it other than just replacing the force 180. Thanks in advance


Which FW are radios running?

Please try 3.5.2 FW.

In 3.5.2 you can find two different reboot counters: Soft Reboots and Hard Reboots.

It will help to understand the issue.

Then, please check crash log in CLI with the following command:

debug crashlog

Thank you.

We had a similar problem here with 2 different customers. We thought it was a bad 600ssh due to lightning. Install guys went and changed out the 600ssh's. A few days later, no data to indoor router once again (would stay connected to AP and we could communicate with the SM fine). After they changed the surge protector twice and it began to happen a third time, I went out. Found ants in the 600ssh. They were literally frying between the pins and the connector, and the smoke was causing a thick film on the pins. Replaced the 600ssh (sprayed ant spray in it as well to keep ants out) and replaced rj45's. 

Asked install guys were ants at the second location having same problem, and they said yes. Sent them out to repeat what I did at first location.

Both locations have been working fine since then. 

Not saying ants are your problem, but something to think about. 

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Argh.  It's always ants.

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