OID for reboot

I have been using CNUT to do mass reboots on our network.  I wrote a bash script that sends out changes to the APs using SNMP.  I would like to include in that script a command to reboot the AP.  I noticed that when using CNUT it says that it is rebooting the AP via SNMP.

What is the OID for commanding an AP to reboot?  I am using PMP 430 and PMP 450 gear.  Hopefully, it is the same OID.

I have looked, but I only found a value for the reboot state.  It is listed as read only.  It is probably meant for an alarm when the device is rebooted.

Hello Joshua,

you can use  following OID to reboot the radio.

reboot : -    .

Setting above OID to 1 will reboot the radio. 



Just tested it on a 450 PMP.  It works, Thanks!

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