Old SM w/Hardware Scheduling


I’m currently testing the hardware scheduling on my canopy network. I have 4 Advantage AP that have some Old SM connected to AP.They are in Hardware Scheduling Mode. I tried to align with the audio tone utility (headphone) an Old SM in hardware scheduling mode, without result. I can’t hear anything. I can’t align my SM. When I enable back the software, the audio tone is working back. But! I can’t align anymore, cause the AP is accepting only Hardware SM.

Someone hear something about that problem ? I read the release note, but when you read the section about modifying scheduling mode on an Old SM, they dont written that it stop Audio tone alignment.


How are you updating the SMs? You should be enabling hardware scheduling through the CNUT utility. I don’t think enabling it through the web browser actually enables it. Your FPGA version should be something like “111504 (DES Sched)” after the HW update.

Yeah, already done trought CNUT

It’s a bug.

A friend of mine tried the same thing, have the same problem.

Motorola is suposed to check, but it’s very anoying me. My installer install all Canopy with sound alignement…how the hells he will align canopy now ?

…Technical support MUST put a rush on it.

See you

It’s been a long time since this post, but I don’t find a resolution to this issue yet. I am up to date on firmware, but I still can’t get older SM’s to output alignment tone. Am I missing something?