omnidirectional antenna

Those of you who have used omnidirectional antenna, are you satisfied with it. What about the throughput did it increase/decrease with the use of the antenna.
I am looking at using cyclone 5.7, has anyone used these before, what are the drawbacks of using them if any.

We recently deployed a 900 AP with an omni antenna. It has been running less then a month, but I’ve been happy so far.

I expexted to lose some power/max-distance. I don’t know if that is the case or not yet. I’ve got a customer connected at 6 miles.

I think its still too soon to tell, but this could be a great solution for a “micro-pop.”

What is the antenna on the customer side? 8dBi Maxrad?

What is the gain on the AP Omni?

I have a number of 2.4 and 900’s with omni antennas (one 5.2). They all work great. The performance is all in what antenna you use and it’s location.


I’m using a 9dBi horizontal polizaration model (model #RFLODH9-9) from Pacific Wireless through RFLinx with a standard connectorized 900 AP.

SMs use a 9 or a 13 dB Yagi

I have used a bunch of 2.4 GHz AP’s connectorized with 12 dBi Comet Omnis (the cheapos, about 100 bucks) with excellent results. The furthest connection I have been able to get was a subscriber that was 19.4 miles away from the AP. The data then traveled through a pair of 5.7 GHz BH’s (connectorized w/Pac Wireless 29 dBi parabolic dishes) about 24.5 miles back to our core internet. At the customer site, we were getting upwards of 3 Mbps to the internet. I have NEVER used a 6 AP sector, so I can’t really compare my setup with it, but I am extremely pleased with the Omni-AP setup. We’ve got about 20 AP’s up and running this way, all flawless, all the time!

eagle_tech wrote:
12 dBi Comet Omnis (the cheapos, about 100 bucks) with excellent results.

That's awesome to hear. I take it those antennas a Vert Pol?

I have a few 2.4 cyclones and one 5.7 cyclone. I love them, I would not go back to a cluster of AP’s. One of my 2.4AP’s has a subscriber radio registered in at 28.4 miles with great speeds.