On Boarding in cnMaestro on-premises

We have installed cnMaestro on-premises and it updated to latest version 1.6.3, We had issue in onboarding bording devices. We found that we need to enter MAC address instead of serial Number while claiming devices. But even after adding MAC AP's does not on board in status it says waiting for device, cnMaestro and All AP's are in same Vlan and connected to same switch DHCP is runing and cnMaestro and AP's are taking IP address both can ping each other but onboarding was not happen,

    Then i tyred to on board by other method by creating cambium ID and on boading key locally on server. On boarding is done by putting server IP, Cambium ID and onboarding key on each AP.

   But this will be pain full proccess if some one wants to onboard 100's of devices in on-premises cnMaestro.

what will be a solution for zero touch onboarding in on-Primeses version?

Even after the MAC address is added in cnMaestro the APs still need to know the hostname of your cnMaestro server in order to contact it, which is why it didn't work for you.

This article describes all onboarding options, including zero-touch onboarding using DHCP server options. If you need further details on setting up your particular DHCP server we have articles in the knowledgebase describing the steps for various popular DHCP servers.

Thanks, we shloud use Option 43 and 60 to add bulk of AP's.