On-premise proxy errors during early morning maint. windows

I’ve never had issues receiving authorized grants at any point except during scheduled maintenance windows between 3-4am. We use on-prem with Google SAS. Last couple times we needed to schedule frequency changes at 4am, it has failed with “cannot connect to proxy”. Never have issues at any other time.

Is there a time-frame (window) in which On-prem and Google cannot process registrations?

Good Morning,

Have you found a resolution? I would like to discuss this matter over the phone if possible.

Is there a set time frame during which we cannot connect to the proxy? We have had issues with our last two scheduled maintenance windows for adjusting CBRS parameters ranging between 2AM - 5 AM Central Time Zone. Thank you in advance.

I am pretty sure it because all the SAS databases are doing their CPAS calculations at night. During this time you can’t adjust your parameters because it would through off the interference calculations. I’m on the west coast with Google SAS and I found I need to have my parameters entered before 11pm PST even though I was told to get the data in before midnight.

Thank you for the input. That is what I suspected. My next test was to determine whether this started at 1 AM Central or maybe even midnight Central Time so your 11pm PST determination helps.