On Premises CnMaestro problem to upload .img file

I tried to upload a new .img file of the cnMatrix switch software to CnMaestro, with no success.
I successfully upload .tar file but then switches did`t recognise the file. How to upgrade the software of cnMatrix switch from cnMaestro
I used cnMatrix-EX-3.1.1-r3.img and cnMatrix-EX-3.1.1-r3.tar
Current version of the software of the switch is 2.1.r5

Hi ,

 Can you specify the version of cnMaestro OnPremise you are trying on ? We are not aware of such an issue. We will try reproducing it on our systems. 




cnMaestro version is 2.2.0-r60

Hi Pitanko,

Sorry for inconvenience caused to you,

cnMaestro 2.2.0-r60 version doesn't support this upgrade.

can you please upgrade cnMaestro version to 2.3.0-r28 or 2.4.0-r3 (latest version) in which upgrade support is present.

NOTE: You should upload cnMatrix-EX-3.1.1-r3.tar.gz file to your server.