on-premises memory question

How much memory are you guys allocating to the on-premises VM?  We have about 900 active client devices connected to ours, and it used to run perfectly with 2GB, now (since updating to 1.5.0) it takes about 5 minutes from bootup for all 2GB to be eaten up, then of course everything gets slower as swap comes into play...


We have 8GB allocated for our on-prem VM, but have only added approximately 250 active client devices so far to cnMaestro. With those 250 devices, we are currently sitting at about 900MB of usage; memory usage increased over the past month about 100MB, although we have been slowly adding more devices during this time.

I allocated 4GB and am using about 1.6GB.  We're running less than 50 PMP 450 devices using:

VM Workstation 12

OVA Version: 1.4.0-r11
Package Version: 1.5.1-r8

300 devices, 1,4GB of used ram


I can definately say you should not need more than 4GB untill you hit around 3500 ePMP clients, other hardware maybe differnent though. This is based on our current experience.

After 3500 clients I would recommend upgrading.

Well on-premises (1.6.0) has been running (mostly) fine for a while, then locked up.  I restarted it and left 'top' running on the console, and within 4 hours of reboot it had locked up again, with mongod using tons of memory.  Reset it again, and after 21 hrs it's still running smoothly.  No idea what triggers it.


Hi, Can you please send the techdump or share the techdump download link to anish.bosco@cambiumnetworks.com?

Do I do that now, or just after it happens?


please can you share this now?

Anish - I sent an email over the weekend with a URL to retrieve the file.  Looking forward to some progress on this.