On-Premises offline

Just to double check, do I understand correctly, that in order to have cnMaestro and devices onboarded we need connection to cloud? It is not possible to have cnMaestro completely offline?

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There are currently 2 versions of cnMaestro.

  1. Cloud version - your devices need to access the internet to reach cloud.cambiumnetworks.com to onboard.
  2. On-Premises version - you run this version in your own VM, and your devices simply need to reach the IP address of your cnMaestro instance. However,. the on-prem cnMaestro needs to connect to a cloud anchor account to manage subscriptions, firmware versions, and other features. Your devices do not need to be internet enabled - Port 443 management trafiic stays within your network, just the cnMaestro VM needs to have internet access.

Hope this helps.

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Wow. So if we have airgaped network, we can’t use cnMaestro, not even Esentials?

Nope, after cnMaestro 3.x you have to have an anchor account. This is mostly for X feature enforcement though I also believe that other data is also shared to cambium but have not captured it happening yet.

2.x versions are still air-gap friendly.

I used the anchor account to activate the cnMaestro at the beginning. The Internet access is closed since, as I upload manually the firmware version that I need.

Let’s just say, that we are not happy.