Onboard e2e Controller Goes Offline

I have a V5000 running and its E2E Controller went offline the other day for 7 seconds, then came back online and has been fine for the last little over a day. Is it common to see the E2E go offline, and if so, is there a cause and resolution to the problem?

Non-expert guess here but it could be as simple as a blip in the connectivity upstream ?

i thought the same thing, and it was the first thing i checked, but no, there was no disconnection of service at the time it went offline.

Hello Ryan,

Just a quick check, was the E2E running on the V5000 or on a external VM?

I suspect the issue would have been upstream.Was this detected in cnMaestro?

FWIW each POP does monitor the upstream, not just the direct connection but access to the gateway and if you have multiple POPs we would divert traffic to another POP, assuming that route was available (we can detect and move after 12s).

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