onboarding device - pmac unavailable, cannot proceed with registration

We are trying to onboard several ePMP 1000 devices (FW v3.0 & v2.6.1) to cnMaestro however we are getting errors on all of them after the onboarding key is entered:

Sep 17 12:10:49 Bridge2 DEVICE-AGENT[13637]: pmac unavailable, cannot proceed with registration

The connection status only shows "connecting" with no real explination.

The devices can get out to the internet fine,  I cannot see any traffic being blocked on the firewall.

We also have a few cnPilot E400 devices that have onboarded and are communicating with the cloud fine.

Any ideas on what the issue could be?

I am assuming this issue is seen only for SM devices.
OK so until SM gets a parent discovery it’s not able to talk to cnMaestro. Basically SM pulls AP info to get the AP Mac and then talk to cnMaestro.

I will inform about this issue to our platform team and they should be able to resolve it.

Yes that does appear to be the case, I just tested this (changed the device to "Standard WiFi" mode) and it onboarded within a few min.

When I changed it back to the way it was it got the same error again.

In meanwhile you can try to reboot the device after changing back to SM and see if that works out.