Onboarding new office

We are onboarding a new office, which will use the same configuration as our existing site (VLANs, SSID etc.) except for the fact it will be on a different subnet e.g.,
Current site 10.31.xxx.xxx
New site 10.32.xxx.xxx

The 3rd octet denotes the VLAN e.g. 50 Corp (10.32.50.xxx) 60 Guest (10.32.60.xxx).

Everything else configuration wise will remain the same.

Do we simply add the new APs and note the new subnet, or do we need to create a new Cloud Management Account?

I’m trying to work out the best way to do this so that we have single pane visibility and don’t have to go and recreate all the base cnMaestro configuration.

You don’t need to create a new cloud account. If you are using a wifi group for your current office in cnMaestro, you just need to create a new wifi group for the new office. The AP’s are onboarded at the serial number level, so cnMaestro won’t know which office any particular AP is located in. The advantage of using wifi groups for each location or each network is that when you make a change to the wifi group, that change is pushed down to the AP’s that are members of that group only. VLAN’s are managed through the WLAN’s that you associate with that wifi group, so adding to a Cambium Enterprise wifi network is easy. I hope this helps a bit…

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It does - thanks. Does it matter if the same VLAN structure is used across each site?

No, it does not matter. Traffic goes between your gateway and your clients. cnMaestro just manages your AP’s, and Cambium cnMatrix switches, if you are using them.

Thought as much! Now I just need someone to plug them in to see if they pickup the config (they’re many miles away from here). Appreciate the help, was pretty quick and easy in the end to setup the new site.