Onboarding - Software update - devices stuck in queue

Hi, I have a couple of Force300-25 radios in CNMaestro that seem to be stuck doing updates.

Onboarding: Updating - Software Updated -Queued
Cloud Sync Status: Completed.
Duration 5d 14hours

Does anyone know how to resolve this error? I’ve tried disabling CNMaestro on both radios and re-enabling but it’s made no difference.

CNMaestro on premises 4.0.1-r3

Hi Team,

Is is possible to for you to open a case with TAC or if you have share your email or contact number, we will reach out to you and we can work on the issue.

I had this same issue last year. My workaround was to turn off software update when Onboarding. Then complete the onboarding, then manually do the software update. That worked fine. The issue was reported to the software engineering team at that time.