I have been having troubles onbording EPMP 1000, it says "Unsupported S/W Version. Enable Automatic S/W Update in cnMaestro".

I can't find this option in cnMaestro.

Can someone help me in where to find it?


It's probably actually asking you to update this particular radio to a newer firmware so that cnMaestro can communicate.  What version is this radio running right now?

its the 3.5, apparently we didn't install the latest one, i will try that in a minjute.

Thanks for your help.


Sounds good.  Let me know if that solves it or not... I'm currous. :) 


For ePMP 1000 device, to onboard to cnMaestro server the minimum software version should be 3.5.6 or above version.

You can enable Automatically Update Device Software feature from Application > Settings > Software Images > ePMP, so that cnMaestro server wiil automatically update the device software version to 3.5.6 will come to onboard page.


Durga prasad K

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Visual for the location and where to check the box.

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