One Problem Need Solution

I have my servers setup and have 1 tower and 1 rooftop looking at a tower that would help generate lots of customers only problem is how can i send the bandwidth to that new location my rooftop i might have a problem wondering can i backhaul from my main office to the roodtop then to the tower then to the new location is it possible please everyone make a suggestion

backhauling anything is possible but i would suggest using the correct gear or with that many hops you are going to have a weak link in your network.

im a lil confused of the setup you are asking for…maybe if you could clarify the steps you want to make we could provide you with more detailed solution.

Ok better help you if i brought another location and add a bonded t1 there can i still control it from my main office

along with Vince, I too am a little confused, so let me get this right…

(servers)ROOFTOP====> Tower =====>CUSTOMERS

Is the above what you are asking for. If your rooftop can see the tower then you need a BH link between your rooftop and the tower. Then at the tower you will put an AP for the customers. At each customer you will install an SM looking at the tower. The customer traffic will go throught the SM to the tower down the BH and to your BH on the ROOFTOP which would be connected to a switch or internal network.

This will work, you can use your internet connection at the location with the Rooftop.

Again in the above setup you can install a T1 at the tower, and then using a BH link to the tower (or an SM to the AP) you can control the T1 link, but this is not recommended, go with the first suggestion.

If my configuration/setup assumption is incorrect please advice, but the bottom line is that it can be done.

What I get is that he has a head end that feeds a rooftop, and the rooftop feeds another tower. He wants to bounce one more hop from the existing tower to another tower.

The answer is yes.

some questions:
1. What is the link from your head end to the rooftop
2. What is the link from the rooftop to the tower
3. What is your current utilization of the existing links
4. What is your budget right now to make upgrades including the new AP’s
5. Can you pre-sell service in the area you want to add service for
6. How much bandwidth will you need now, in 90 days, 6 months, 1 year?
7. What AP’s are you using now? How many subs are on each AP now?