Only allow 1 user and 1 mac address and 1 device


-cnMaestro cloud

-cnPilot e400


In Hotel, I can share 1 a/c to many users using this method

AP can't see MAC address of device behind NAT

so let say my pc will connect to ap through wifi then my pc will share that internet to ethernet for example


1. Am I correct to say that to overcome that situation. I need to use quota based on total download size + time based. Whichever reached first

2. any other better solutions



You can use cnMaestro based guest access with vouchers to achieve this.

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Gupta Bobby

Let say, you set 1 Device Limit

I believe AP can't see MAC Address behind NAT, because I already test that in my POC

This my LAB Diagram

Internet < Mikrotik < TPLink CPE220 (AP Router L3 NAT) < User

Imagine Mikrotik as my cnPilot400e.

cnPilot can't see user MAC address because in different subnet

unless I set my TPLink as AP Bridge which make users same subnet as AP

So eventhough I set to limit to 1 Device. I can bypass that limitation using sw or hw

Any device which can do Internet sharing by doing routing/natting can bypass this single device limitation. Though the quota limits will still be enforced and it will account for all data used through that device.

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