OpenWRT & ePMP. 5GHz SM "Device Name" will not change from OpenWRT


A newly deployed system, out of the box (new) device name will not change from OpenWrt.  As we were upgrading the firmware on this ePMP (since it came with like v1.1.7).  Upon reaching v2.0 and finally to v2.3, we have been unable to get the Device Name to change from OpenWrt. 

Everything works with the unit. It associates and registers with the ePMP AP fine.  But the Device Name will not change.  So we left it at the current firmware version just in case another upgrade will render it useless.

This is the first we're seeing this behaviour on all of our upgrades.

Any ideas why ePMP is using OpenWrt and refuses to change?

See screenshots below.



Just to make sure this is not a bug, I tried "Acme Inc" on my AP running 2.3 and 2.4.1 (latest release) and I'm not able to reproduce the problem. 

Can you please try factory defaulting the radio (if it will not disrupt your deployment)? Also are you including any special characters in the Device Name?