Operate PTP 650 with Single Polarity

With Software Release 1-41 the PTP 650 will allow the operator to toggle off one polarity and operate the system as a single polarity connection.


The system will be able to be software selected to operate in Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) mode or in Single In Single Out (SISO) mode. 


Nettwork operators with an existing single polarity coaxial cable and antenna will be able to re-use existing cabling and antennas while operating the PTP 650 in SISO mode.

This enables network operators to continue to operate with existing cabling and antennas and migrate to install the cabling and antennas for higher capacity when that capability is needed. Once the additional cabling and antenna are installed, System Release 1-41 on the PTP 650 allows the operator to software select MIMO operation and immediately have the higher throughput. 

This provides the ability to offer T1 services in SISO mode until higher capacity is needed.

PTP 650 at 4.9 MHz operates in a 5, 10, 15, or 20 MHz channel.


This migration path provides network operators the ability to deploy PTP 650 and use existing SISO cabling and antennas. They can choose to install the cabling and MIMO antennas at a time that is convenient. Once all cabling and antennas are installed, the system can be software selected to operate in MIMO mode.