Operating frequency different from Tool frequency

We have changed the frequency and/or channel width on several APs directly from the AP, I think this is actually the recommended method.

This results in the operating frequency showing as different in cnMaestro than the “Tool” frequency. With the recent SAS outages, we have discovered the AP reverts to the Tool frequency.

Is there a way to get these to align without deregistering the AP (dropping all the subs) and then going in with CPI credentials and changing the setting from cnMaestro? This seems unnecessarily disruptive to service since the AP is already on the desired channel and width, we just want to get the tool settings to match the operating settings.

Hi Ken,
Yes, you can either change the frequency directly on the AP itself, or release the currents grants manually and pre-stage the new grant on cnMaestro. Both methods are fully supported.

And you are correct that if you use the “direct on AP” method, after the change the AP will send cnMaestro the currently operating frequency and cnMaestro will display this along with the original tool frequency. You are also correct in that only a cnMaestro initiated deregistration action - or an edit on cnMaestro that will automatically trigger a deregistration, will results in the operating frequency being copied to the tool frequency.

However, the AP should not be reverting back to the tool frequency automatically after the outage. If you were to manual click on the “sync” button in the cnMaestro CBRS tool, this would push the old tool frequency to the AP and the AP would revert back to the original tool frequency. But it sounds like you didn’t do that. The design is that terminations and missed messages such as those seen in the recent Federated outages are completely handled by the AP code. The AP is not expected to pull the configuration - or the original tool frequency, back down to itself. Please do send me whatever you have for logs - an engineering.xml, or better yet a field_diags.cgi for a 450m, and any syslogs if you happen to have them and I’ll try to see if I can get any clues as to what went wrong in you case - why your AP reverted to the tool frequency. Thanks.

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