Options for 2.4 ptmp

Hi all, just looking for best solution to deploy cambium ptmp in 2.4… Is there anything with AC or is it all N? I know ubiquiti has the 2.4AC solution but I want to stick with Cambium. Thank you!

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so far its only N for epmp. There is the pmp450 in 2.4ghz too.

Unfortunately, no. Cambium hasn’t developed ePMP in 2.4ghz since the 1000 series.

Dang… guess its ubiquiti then. Thank you for your replies.

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We’ve tried UBNT AC2 and found that e1k 2.4 worked better overall. ALSO, there have been repeated rumors that UBNT will be discontinuing the AC2 line.

Oh really, thank you for the heads up!! ek1 2.4 still available? Is its end coming soon as well?

Yes! ePMP 1000 2.4 is still very much available and I’ve heard of no plans to discontinue it. We use it at about a dozen different sites with great success.

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When the 2000 series came out, cambium said that the reason there was no 2.4 version, was that there was no 2.4 chipset in N. They also figured the digital filter wouldn’t be as practical in 2.4 they said.

But, the AX standards do have 2.4 chipsets, and do have many of efficiency and optimization features which would seem to be ideally suited for outdoor 2.4 gear.

As Eric says, the cambium 2.4 ePMP 1000 do still perform pretty good, but it’s disappointing not to see any continued development with the new chipsets.


We have also been looking at the proprietary Ubiquiti 2.4 AC solution, but have been hesitant, though they look good on paper. We are planning on trying it out for a PTP solution where we need more bandwidth than the Cambium can provide.

The 1000 2.4 works quite well in rural locations, running out to 7 miles with light to medium tree coverage and 20 Mhz channels.

We would also very much like see a next generation of Cambium AX 2.4

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We are in mixed farm/forest trees. and also would very much like to see AX in 2.4ghz.

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