orthogon bh

anyone familiar with the 30 meg orthogon BH?

i can ping my main site usually around 10-15ms however serveral times a day i get 200-500ms for 2-3 hours…at random times.

I have talked to motos tech on this and they are at a loss for what could be causing this. they walked me through how to check the signal and do an auto switching to the best freq.

Im wondering if this is a through-put issue?

we only have a 13meg ds3 line thats only running @ 20% usuage. the only reason for this bh is to connect the ds3 to our main office.

any ideas?

Hmmm… that sounds strange. I have 10 of these links (actually, the 60 Mbps units) in place. Even my busiest link (approx. 11 Mbps continuous) I still get a 95th percentile ping response time of 13.6 ms.

I’m not a fan of the DFS in these radios - it is not nice for collocating with other radios. The one time I had DFS turned on (for 5 mins) the radio starting transmitting on one of my other rx freqs - strange how I picked those rx freqs since they were the quiestest in the band. :lol: The same thing happened when one of my collocate customers left DFS turned on in a Redline radio - it decided to transmit on my rx and I almost lost both links. Actually, I was impressed that the Orthogon radios kept the links up with that much interference - very little throughput but enough that I was able to log in and find out what was happening.

Sorry, small tangent there. Anyway, are you trying to ping the radio from the same subnet or through a router? What kind of throughput are you seeing during the times in question? Are there any other abnormal things you can see about the radios during this? RSSI? Other RF sources in the spectrum analyzer? What is your distance? What is your range set at? Firmware version? I recommend turing off the DFS either way.


from my office i ping a server @ 206.171.210.X that is on the other side of the network. I leave this ping running to I can see performance and drops. During “off” hours its ~15ms. however from about 8am-8pm it will randomly go on ~200-500ms bursts for like 5-10 minutes or even for hours. I figure it has to be traffic related, but the usage on my ds3 is only a fraction of what this unit should be capable of.

Im using the 5.2ghz so these shouldnt bug my "network"

the link is about 2.5 miles

I get reports of slower speeds…not sure if the through-put is actually less of if its due to the fact that they are used to a ~15ms delay vs ~200-500ms delay

the range is set @ 5miles

Having the DFS on hasnt made a difference but i will trust your judgement and turn it off.

on one side of the bh i have all the canopy crap then on the other side of the bh i have the dns/dhcp/ds3/mail… im wondering if im not hitting a packet limit vs bandwidth limit?

what connection rates are you connecting at, I assume they must be fairly high probably 13.8/13.8 or around that range. I would check the specturm management page first fot alot of interefenrence on channels close to you, I have seen these units completly loose a link. Also I would check both ends of the link for any icmp storms due to igmp multicast packets, I have seen these completly lock up radio systems.

Vince, ac_babitzke has a good point about interference, and storms. What modulation are you running? What speed are you getting? You may look for a bad cable or connector, it could be ok at lower threwput but under load it’ll show up.

Im like acherman and have lots of the 60’s out there. The unit’s have been rock solid and for the most part are long shots up to 79 miles. Currently from where I am typing this I can run a ping to a 60MBps unit that has to go from


That’s 3 sets of 20Mbps BH’s and 2 sets of 60’s. The ping has to travel 175.5 miles and the time is 30ms.

I too had the same issue with DFS but the easy fix was just to disable the channels the other radios were on at that site.

I got everything taken care of after spending a while with canopy. the aiming was off by about an inch and it increased it from 8.66mbs to 12.68mbs…not overly happy maining with the through put.

It took me about 4 calls to canopy to get the solution i needed. maybe i was unclear in my questions but once i found the right tech it only took a few minutes to get the info i needed.

If i do the firmware upgrade to 60mbs will that cover a full ds3 line?

The firmware upgrade to the 60 meg backhaul will only provide a total of 40 meg of throughput.

Doing the firmware upgrade could increase your throughput, depending on what it is sitting at right now. If you are sitting at 12meg Rx / 12meg Tx, you might get 17.5 meg Rx / 17 meg Tx.

The firmware upgrade is fairly painless, just requires a reboot on each end. It is fairly stable software and has been out for about a year now, 45-> 60 meg.

The frimware upgrade will give you 2x what you are getting now… so if you are getting 12mb you should get 24mb