Oscilations in eAling

Hi all,

I have instaled the last firmware in a test enviroment, and I'm seeing strange oscilations in the signal measure. Is this normal? The SM is about 100m far from BS.

Thanks in advance

Hello Mario,

No that is not normal. Your RSSI should not be fluctuating that much. Is this 5G or 2.4G link? Have you done a spectral analysis around that frequency you are using? Are there any other radio devices in the vicinity?



Thank you Luis,

I havenĀ“t trid a spectral analysis, because I'd lose access to the SM (I think ePMP needs timed spectral analysis like canopy, btw). It's a 5GHz link, and there is no devices near the SM, maybe 5 meters from it.



Hello Mario,

Understood. We have a re-design of the spectrum analyzer, including remote operation, in our roadmap, as we realize the need of such functionality. Can you share some for info on this link?

- Is the link line of sight or are there obstructions (e.g. trees)?

- Is the SM a integrated unit or a connectorized unit with accessory (reflector or dish)?

- What about AP side?

- SW version currently running?

- Is providing remote access to this link viable (e.g. Teamviewer session)?