OSX - 4.9.1 - Error 13 when loading Project File

I've been modifying a large project file for some time and now when I go to load it, after updating to the latest version, I'm getting the error 13 with an unable to load permission denied. 

I've been able to load other files without issue but they were recently created...this one was created a while back and contains a good size chunk of Cambium data...

I've also noticed with the new update that it runs SUPER slow.....my process isn't taxed more then 50%, I got 8 gigs of ram free yet LinkPlanner runs like a pig. Any others seeing this issue? I might be one of the view using OSX out there. 

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Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately there is a bug in the current Mac release which you only see if you are planning PMP-450m. Luckily there is a fix that you can apply:

  • Close LINKPlanner
  • Open the Terminal app (under the Applications/Utilities directory)
  • Navigate to the LINKPlanner "lib" directory. Use the command below.
    • cd /Applications/LINKPlanner.app/Contents/Resources/data_files/lib
  • Change the permissions on "sch32" to grant the current user execute permissions. Run the following command as a user with admin permissions. You will have to enter your password before the command runs.
    • sudo chmod u+x sch32
  • You can verify the change using:
    • ls -alF
  • The output should show something similar to this. Note that the user now has read/write/execute permissions (rwx).
    • -rwx------@ 1 <username> admin 1550028 Apr 9 11:40 sch32*

LINKPlanner should now run without any further issues. We will fix this bug in the next release.

As for the performance issues. There haven't been any changes in this release that should cause a slow-down. However, if you are using ePMP 3000 with 4x4 Multi-User then it will take longer than usual to recalculate the performance. You should disable automatic calculations and split large networks into multiple project files to improve the usability.

LINKPlanner is currently a 32bit application on all platforms so there are limits to the memory that it will use (2GB on Windows and 4GB on Mac). It will only use a single core for the calculations.



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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the workaround.

Is there anything planned regarding 64bit or even retina support for the mac os version?



Hi Peter,

The next major release (within the next couple of months) will be 64-bit only for OSX and we will also offer 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows. The 64-bit version will not be able to support some of the legacy PTP products (PTP 300, PTP 500, PTP 600), but they will still be available on the 32-bit Windows version.

The Windows installer and exe are already signed and the Mac 64-bit version will also be signed.

We have no plans to support retina displays.





The password to enter for the commands, is this my password for getting into the cambium site and linkplanner or for my MAC? 



Hi John,

When you run the "sudo" command it is all running on your Mac, so you need to use your Mac user password. The sudo command gives you elevated permissions to change the permissions on the file. If you performed a similar command in Finder it may prompt you to enter your password using the standard password dialog.