Other (34)

Just wondering if anyone ever found out what this error actually indicates, I have cnmatrix with 4 PMP450m and a PMP450b High Gain (passive 29v), in PTP mode… all works fine, but when i try to add another PMP450b High Gain, it doesn’t power up on auto as expected… when i set it to Passive 29v it powers up, and then the previously working PMP450b that was up suddenly drops off and displays Other (34), I disable the poe to the new radio and the older pmp450b comes back on and works fine.

I have a ticket open and they recommended upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4r3 so i’m doing that tonight but have read a few reviews that they were told to upgrade to 4.3 in the first place to fix other (34) and it didn’t work so now being recommended to go to 4.4 seems odd… Just got approval to do it today so will post back if the 4.3 to 4.4 move fixes things, but wanted to ask if anyone else had input on this.