Other OSPF network types

Is there any clue when will the cn matrix support other OSPF network types in addition to the existing broadacast network type?
I am thinking in particular of the point-to-point network type (no DR / BDR selection).

Hi, It is in the roadmap for late '2021. We are assessing the scope to possibly include it mid '2021.

I wanted to follow up on this. I am currently trying to set up a point-to-point for OSPF. Been going through the configuration and havent seen it. The cnMatrix is currently on firmware 4.1.1-r2.

Not supported yet… we are still waiting

Is there a time frame when the cnMatrix will support p2p?


Thanks mixig for the response!

Currently OSPF only supports broadcast network type. NBMA, point-to-multipoint, and point-to-point are not supported. We will add p2p in our long to-do list. If you feel this is an urgent requirement for your deployment, please request the feature through the RTM in your area so it can be prioritized appropriately.

I will also bring up this request with our PLM and engineering team and will update with the ETA.


cnMatrix does not support serial link connection to another router. Point-to-point network type is typically for routers connected through serial link. Please elaborate the connection you plan to enable point-to-point?


Using scenario will be ptp wireless link where are only two routers and no need for DR / BDR election.

So you just want to do away with DR/BDR to improve the convergence time and simplify the LSDB, correct? You still need to assign ip address to the vlan interface or router port that connects to each radio, and run ospf on the vlan interface/router port.
The improvement of convergence time running point-to-point ethernet over the broadcast is insignificant because our switch’s CPU is quite fast. I don’t see the clear advantages of point-to-point over ethernet link (still broadcast media).

If you can test in lab, two epmp 130/180 what ever are connected each of them to their own cn matrix.
Cnmatrix have L3 ip address on port where epmp is connected (vlan n o vlan it doesnt matter).
So we have /30 subnet link via radio.

One of matrix is DR other is BDR.
Now shutdown radio link, both ports on matrix are UP because eth connection is UP (epmm is alive on eth side only radio link si down).

With that now we have lost ospf adj. and BDR is now DR (no hello pacekts from real DR).
After that radio link is UP and now we have two DR, original DR and new one which become DR on that link and what now?

Can you see now advantage of that?
I run this scenario on Mikrotik routers for 50$.
Small bandwidth, few megs is more than enough, it is not CPU thing for asking this feature.

Other scenario similar, redundant links with two radio links, using for two ospf p2p network typ links on matrix and have OSPF ECMP load balancing

Finally, ospf network types in 4.4-r3

ip ospf network {broadcast | non-broadcast | point-tomultipoint non-broadcast | point-to-point

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Sorry for spam . Thank you for introducing this.
That scenario that mixig pointed to is exactly what happened at a very remote site at one of our customers with DR/DR.Site got stuck in endless 2-Way/Init loop.
We can get now get rid of the Mikrotik we had to stuff in the middle for this stopgap solution for ptp.

Thanks again for your feedback on the cnMatrix switches. We are happy that is particular concern is now addressed. We are constantly trying to provide more advanced capabilities, but also more importantly we are always working on improving the switch robustness.