our cyclones R choking

Pretty new to this hardware…

We have about 125 sm units running on a 10Mb feed. We can get near 10 mb speeds through the routers, and through the switches through the backhauls.
But no one on our system is getting more than about 2.4mb on any of the Cyclones, when they have a link that goes through them.
Where do i look to take the cap off the speed choke in the Cyclones?
thank you in advance

If you are running hardware sched you are probably at its limit with that many sm’s. What freq and sw version?

It.s a 2.4 mhz system with 7.2.9. Our system is setup in about 5 zones. Using 5 cyclones.

One zone (color code) only has about 10 sms on it.

That same zone would easily do over 4mb (when we were only allocating 5mb) when we used a hard wire connection through the router to the backhaul.
But going when through the Cyclone from an Sm, 2.0 to 2.4mb are high numbers, and we have 10mb available now.

Im sorry I misunderstood you 10mb should be more than plenty to supply 125sm’s. are you running hardware sched or software? do you have high priority enabled and if so what values did you put in for the slots? what do you have your downlink data rate set to? The 2.4mb test are you getting it from the link test on the sm or some other online test? Let me ask you this that last sentance are you feeding the system threw a sm to the ap?

We are running software scheduling.
High Priority is not enabled.
I’ll have to check the slots for sure, later. Do you have suggstions for values, that would get us up to say 4mb per SM?
The dnlink rate is 75 %. Is there a place for putting in hard numbers? Like 7mb, for example.
We are getting the link tests from the Sms and from watching link tests run while we watch the CMM.
We think we should be able to run full tilt for speed, but we are missing something somewhere.

Maybe i’m confused but it’s my understanding that the NON-Advantage
AP/SM have an aggregate of 10mb. So, split that in half and you get 5mb
up and down, right? Now, add in TCP overhead, encryption etc, and you
get less than that.

On our APs that are non-advantage we get somewhere around 3.4mb
down to a single SM. That’s on a system with only 10 SMs.

I imagine that with 125 SMs on the system and if even a couple are
pulling data when you’re running a test then you’re not going to see
rates close to the aggregate.

But like I said, I may be confused…

Well, we have one remote location that has a connection from a computer, to a router, and through the backhaul. It will run 5mb up and down, easily.
But going through the Cyclone (outside on that building) plugged into the same router gets 2.4mb down.

If you are running advantage units turn on hardware scheduling this will increase threwput. If you dont need high priority dont turn it on it will decrease threwput. If you have high priority turned off you dont have to worry about the slots. Now here is the bad news a non-advantage ap’s threwput is not 10mbps its signaling rate is 10mbps its threwput is 6.2mbps. A non-advantage sm is only 3 to 4 mbps. Advantage ap’s signaling rate is 20mbps with a threwput of 14mbps. The advantage sm is the same as the ap with a threwput of 14mbps. If you are using advantage units and you turn on hardware sched read the 7.2.9 release notes on the procedure for enabling hardware sched. Hope this helps. I would also advise averybody who is administering a canopy system if they havn’t already. Download the Canopy System user guide and read section 7 this will help you understand where all of your bandwidth is going.

Thanks for the heads up on the speed rates for the non-advantage radios.
We have found that there was an error checking bit rate set, that was binding things down.
We are getting 3.5 to 4 mb through the units we opened up.

Still reading though. :slight_smile: