Our first Cambium licensed link

After several days of issues with what computers, what browsers and what operating systems  will work to log into the radio, we finally got our new PTP 820S working. We got a -42 at 13.4 miles and all 500 meg it is set-up to do. We got to use our new capstan hoist, our new rope, and got to see lots of very gorgous sunrises. The grain elevator side of this link was running {milo season here, and the dust was terrible with no wind} the first day we hauled the antenna up, and there were 1000's of red wasps at the top. So I decided to postpone the second half of the antenna raise, until daylight the next day. Worked out perfect! Thanks to Dave Hensley for helping me out with NOT ordering a Cambium reset plug. DO NOT mess up with the password, if you get locked out, use a differnet computer to log in, the PTP 820s  blocks by mac address. Long story on how we got locked out it, I will not get into that! Heres some pics!


Now why didn't my photos upload correctly?

Hi - your photos are great. You currently have them as attachments. To embed them, just use the photo icon in the post. It is just above where you entered the text. You can find the details HERE. I embedded some of them for you.

Nice shots!

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Thanks for your pictures.

I'm glad I could help!