out-of-band management and LACP

Hi, I want to know if the connection as it appears in the attached drawing is correct, the center radios are bridged to each other and the out-of-band management is connected to switch 1, 3 and 5, switches 2 and 4 have LACP configured to duplicate the bandwidth.

Thanks for the clear diagram.

The proposed arrangement should work, but you must ensure that RSTP or STP is enabled on SW1, SW3 and SW5 to avoid loops. If you don't need to connect to other equipment at the centre relay site, you could consider connecting the out-of-band management straight through without SW3. Even with just SW1 and SW5, STP or RSTP should ensure that all units are reachable. However, I suspect that including SW3 makes the system more resilient in case of multiple faults.